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WWII Military Horsehide and Vintage Horsehide Things

Wheee! A local collector just dropped off a sweet chunk of his collection of vintage leather jackets, pants, jodhpurs, and military flight suits, ranging from World War 2 1940s to the 50s and up to the 1970s. These are mostly horsehide items, with some steerhide. Size 42, 44, 46 & 50 jackets. Size 36 – 38 pants.

Two Piece Motorcycle Suit – Black Leather and Abrasion-Resistant Fabric * (and Royer Boots)

Any time you’re sailing down the road at high speed and realize that at some moment past you left your motorcycle behind (Eeeeek!), safety becomes …

Mad Max Harley Davidson Shitkickers

O, the apocalyptic Mad Max kinda sandy, dusty, parched desert roads these Harley Davidson Mega Harness square-toed engineer boots have seen! We can easily envision mutant post-nuclear humanoids wearing these boots while riding industrial dunebuggies and cracked-out cafe racer motorbikes.